Where do your products come from?

We source our products from the best producers and suppliers all over the world. This ensures you get the highest quality product. Our apricots, for example, are from Turkey, our mangos are from Thailand, our prunes are from Chile, and our peaches are from China.

What is vacuum cooking?

When a food is vacuum cooked, it is placed inside a pressurised container. It is possible to cook food in this condition at a much lower temperature. This significantly reduces fat absorption while preserving the food’s nutrients and natural colour. In other words, vacuum cooking makes the food much healthier to eat.

Where can I find your products?

We are a new brand and are working on building relationships with supermarkets and other food retailers. Look out for our products on the shelves of Goodi retailers in the coming months and check back here regularly for the latest updates.

Can I use your products for baking?

Of course! All our products are delicious straight out of the packet, but you can also use them in cakes or for any other type of baking. The only exception is our vacuum-cooked products. They have a very low moisture content which is not ideal for baking. For the best taste, eat them right out of the packet.

I want to distribute your products or offer them in my store. What happens next?

We are always open to new relationships with Goodi retailers as well as other business opportunities, wherever you are. Please contact us by sending us an email to hungry@goodi.co.nz. A member of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.