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Apple Crisps

Our Apple Crisps are super crunchy, super healthy, and super tasty.

They are also 100 percent natural with no added sulphites, flavours, or sugar. In addition, they are air dried so are not fried or baked.

Apple Crisps are the delicious snack you can eat anywhere, anytime – you’ll keep coming back for more, and more, and more.

Dried Apricots

Look forward to a healthy snack with our deliciously smooth and sweet Dried Apricots.

They are 100 percent naturally dried to maximise the flavour while also giving them a golden orange glow and uniquely velvet skin.

Our Dried Apricots are the perfect snack for any occasion, plus they are healthy with no added sulphites and no artificial preservatives.

Natural Raisins

Each handful of our healthy Raisins is bursting with sweet flavour behind that familiar dense texture.

They are a great source of fibre, plus they bring other health benefits. In addition, we don’t add anything nasty like sugar, sulphites, or artificial preservatives.

This means you can enjoy our Raisins anytime of the day – with breakfast, as a snack between meals, to accompany your lunch, or as a dessert after dinner.

Dried Peach

Our Dried Peaches are packed full of potassium, plus they are utterly delicious.

They are the perfect snack between meals, the ideal addition to your breakfast cereal, and they make a great dessert.

You’ll fall in love with the moist, fulsome taste after just one bite. Plus, there are no artificial colours or flavours – just natural goodness from one of nature’s most delicious fruits.

Dried Mango

Let your taste buds head for the tropics with our luxuriously sweet and lusciously tasty Dried Mango snack.

They’re also super healthy as our dried mangos have no artificial colours or flavours.

Eat them as a delicious snack anytime and anywhere or drizzle them with natural yoghurt for a healthy and tasty dessert.

Dried Plums

Open a pack of our Prunes anytime of the day for a delicious and healthy snack.

Inside the pack you’ll find wrinkly and juicy prunes, bursting with a richly sweet flavour and an unmistakeable chewy texture.

What you won’t get is added sugar, colours, or flavours. Just prunes in all their delicious and natural glory.